Our society relies on oil for transportation, processing and a variety of other situations. That being said, making sure that we get enough oil is crucial and it really matters more than we imagine. With that in mind, you always need to be 100% sure that you handle the entire process adequately and without any possible issues. That’s why oil platforms are important, because they harness the oil found in the seas and they deliver it to us in a proper manner. But where can you find the most oil platforms out there?

According to data from 2018, the most offshore rigs, 184, were found in the North Sea. Up to this point, the North Sea continues to be one of the main providers of oil and they continue to bring in a lot of help for our entire society. There are also 175 oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. For a very long time, people didn’t realize that the Gulf of Mexico has been such a pivotal player when it comes to oil platforms, and the results are quite stunning.

Then there are 159 oil platforms in the Persian Gulf, which is obviously known as one of the top places where you can get oil in the world. Far East Asia has 155 oil platforms, South East Asia 152, and then you have Mexico with 88 oil platforms.Some of the other countries/regions that have more than 30 oil platforms include Western Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Caspian Sea and many others. It’s incredible to see how everything comes together, and it’s unlike anything that you will ever find out there.

When it comes to the oil pipeline transportation in the US, it’s important to note that the industry managed to grow 5.1% between 2014 and 2019, with no clear signs of stopping. This really goes to show the true resilience of the industry and how important it is to create more and more pipelines to spread the oil distribution. The market size for the oil pipeline transportation is $13 billion, and there are 535 businesses that handle this in the US alone, with more than 12500 people employed within the entire industry.

In the US alone you will find 2.5 million miles of pipelines. That’s a lot, but it really goes to show the importance of oil platforms and how oil is distributed all over the country. Despite the fact that oil pipelines are at least 7 times safer when compared to oil trucks in regards to transportation, accidents can still happen.

That being said, oil platforms and pipelines are crucial for our society because they are offering us access to resources that are extremely important and very much needed throughout the entire world at this time. With their help, we are able to create all kinds of products, make various machines work and so on. It really goes to show the true importance that oil has in our society, hence the reason why there are so many oil platforms and pipelines everywhere in the world.